Greystone Group

GSG6 was founded by a group of retired Marine Corps Officers that were unfulfilled by measuring business success through profit margin alone.  Each of our founders had a proven track record in the DoD and commercial consulting community with high sales, high profit margins and many repeat customers.  Together they decided they could provide superior support at a much reduced cost if they focused on what they were good at and outsourced the typical supporting services that drive up G&A costs ... thus, Greystone Group was founded.  Our name comes from the pre-civil war barn found on the property of one of our founders ... a building designed to protect a livelihood, erected by hand and maintained with sweat and blood.  As one of the few barns in the region to withstand Mosby's Rangers and Sheridan's Army, "Greystone" was a "Solution that Lasted" and an inspiration to all of us.  The "6" following our initials comes from the common radio call-sign modifier associated with the Commanding Officer and represents our commitment to accepting the responsibility for all that Greystone does and fails to do.
Our goal is to provide the same dedication to mission displayed by the original farmers who built and maintained "Greystone", while retaining our selfless commitment to our organization and its clients.